Talent Acquisition Associate

Fishkill, New York, United States · Human Resources


Are you struggling to find happiness at a job where you feel uninspired or underappreciated?

Or maybe you’re tired of sifting through job postings that just don’t seem to fit what you’re looking for?

You’ve come to the right place.

At Lovingly, first and foremost, we’re all about people, culture, community, and relationships (https://vimeo.com/224070768/b0a5650211). Our office is a home away from home. From going out to lunch, to taking walks on sunny days (even 29º ones), to happy hours at our local bar—we all actually enjoy spending time together.

However, we don’t just hire people who mirror our culture. We hire people who add to it.

Our success as a business comes from having an office full of laughter, led by strong, creative minds, and possibly people like you! (Having awesome products doesn’t hurt either!) (https://www.lovingly.com/)

Here’s what we do: Most people get overwhelmed when they buy flowers online. We’ve created a guided gifting experience that makes it easy to send beautiful floral arrangements that celebrate life’s special moments. And we constantly strive to come up with newer, better, stronger ideas and products. We don’t just sit back and admire what has already been accomplished—we ask, “What can we do next?”

Here’s why we do it: We believe in the power of community. We believe that by helping one another each day and giving lovingly, we can strengthen relationships to help bring people closer together.

Here’s why you should apply: You have a strong work ethic and welcome challenges, and also enjoy being part of a company that works together as a team. You don’t give up when it seems like you’re facing a wall—you brainstorm, research, learn, and solve. You’re up for making a bunch of new friends (because we’ll be your friends whether you like it or not).

Like what you’ve read so far? The nitty-gritty is below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who you are:

You are a hunter, an explorer, a researcher, a communicator, a curator. You thrive on developing relationships and building community, you’re curious to see where pieces can fit, where people can grow, and where possibilities and breakthroughs can happen within an organization through its people.

You understand a company culture is made up of people and a shared belief system. You know a company’s greatest asset is the people who make up the team. You’re interested in building partnerships through shared values and collaboration and you know whole-heartedly that one size does not fit all. You’re not afraid to ask the hard questions, you’re bold when it comes to finding the raw talent, and finding a great match is a job well done. You’re proactive, address obstacles quickly and efficiently, and you’re driven to enhance the overall employee culture.

What you’ll be doing:

Explore: You’ll research what we need, talk to management and our team, and tailor job postings to fit the criteria for our culture. You’ll deep dive into the candidate pool, seeking out decision makers, entrepreneurs, and those who possess a desire to do and be something more while contributing to the company’s success.

Design: You’ll go beyond the typical search and discover recruiting methods, applying your own creativity and inventiveness to learn what we need, to be intune to what candidates communicate, and to take it a step further and build an organic, authentic relationship with them so that we can make sure it’s a suitable match for both parties.

Storytelling: You’ll drive a compelling narrative between candidates and opportunity, reading between pitches and potential partnerships, authenticity and genuine curiosity. You see possibility and passion rather than simply bullet points and accomplishments.

Networking: You’ll use various channels to look for potential candidates, contacting passive candidates and building talent pipelines for future hiring needs. You’ll promote our employer brand online and offline, interacting through professional networks and social media.

Deliver: You’ll ensure the highest quality candidate experience while coordinating and scheduling phone, onsite, and web-based interviews. You’ll assist in various ad-hoc HR projects, including new employee onboarding, full life-cycle recruitment, and talent management.

Resourceful: You’ll know the differences and similarities between the passionate designer and inspiring manager, and you’ll intimately get to know our business culture and personality to find the right fit for any position.

Problem Solve: You’ll use your understanding of people to find the balance between skills and personality and how both are invaluable to the success of business relationships. You’ll see a world of opportunity and seek to develop rich experiences for candidates and the company.



Here’s how we’re different: The services we provide are performance-based, which means we put our clients first and prioritize their success. We respect each others’ ideas and expertise. We spend a lot of time making bad jokes, we know that teamwork makes the dream work, and most of all, we believe in what we do.

Lovingly offers a workplace that thrives on innovation and celebrates teamwork, so Monday will be your favorite day of the week. If all the above sounds good to you, reach out. We want to hear from you!

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