Head of Growth Marketing

Fishkill, New York, United States · Product Marketing


Are you struggling to find happiness at a job where you feel uninspired or underappreciated?

Or maybe you’re tired of sifting through job postings that just don’t seem to fit what you’re looking for?

You’ve come to the right place.

At Lovingly, first and foremost, we’re all about people, culture, community, and relationships. (https://vimeo.com/224070768/b0a5650211) Our office is a home away from home. From going out to lunch, to taking walks on sunny days (even 29º ones), to happy hours at our local bar—we all actually enjoy spending time together.

However, we don’t just hire people who mirror our culture. We hire people who add to it.

Our success as a business comes from having an office full of laughter, led by strong, creative minds, and possibly people like you! (Having awesome products doesn’t hurt either!) (https://www.lovingly.com/)

Here’s what we do: Most people get overwhelmed when they buy flowers online. We’ve created a guided gifting experience that makes it easy to send beautiful floral arrangements that celebrate life’s special moments. And we constantly strive to come up with newer, better, stronger ideas and products. We don’t just sit back and admire what has already been accomplished—we ask, “What can we do next?”

Here’s why we do it: We believe in the power of community. We believe that by helping one another each day and giving lovingly, we can strengthen relationships to help bring people closer together.

Here’s why you should apply: You have a strong work ethic and welcome challenges, and also enjoy being part of a company that works together as a team. You don’t give up when it seems like you’re facing a wall—you brainstorm, research, learn, and solve. You’re up for making a bunch of new friends (because we’ll be your friends whether you like it or not).

Like what you’ve read so far? The nitty-gritty is below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who you are

You are a growth hacker by nature, developing innovative B2B and B2C marketing solutions and ideas that you continually test and iterate upon for continual optimization. You are a natural born leader, ensuring that your team is oriented toward growth. You don’t just communicate well, you inspire your team. You operate well under pressure, driving a sense of urgency with your team to deliver amazing results. You hold yourself and your team accountable to driving growth through marketing programs, technical initiatives, and messaging campaigns. You balance the art and craft of creating messaging that resonates with customers with a technical deep dive approach of discovering insights within the data.

What you will be doing

Develop. You will build and execute upon a comprehensive digital marketing plan oriented toward radical growth of our B2B and B2C initiatives

Impact. You will have a direct and measurable impact by creating campaigns that affect the sales conversion funnel and revenue growth.

Storytelling. Your messaging is compelling and resonates with your audience, whether you are describing our competitive edge or planning a major product launch.

Analyze. You are deeply analytical and love a good challenge. You are excited to jump into the data to discover actionable insights.

Optimize. You are never satisfied with current results because you know there is always something that can be improved for better performance.

Strategize. You will develop and fine tune a winning strategy that covers every detail from SEO to CRO to social media, in order to improve our sales and revenue.

Understand. You get the customer so profoundly and deliver content that rings true to their experience.

Lead. You will be driving the success of the growth team through your communication, clarity, and data-driven approach. You understand the balance of supporting your team but also pushing your team to bring out the best in each player. You know how to rally your team and instill a sense of urgency, all while building trust.

Manage. Yes, different from lead, you will need to manage the other important stuff. From task management, to one on one’s, to relationships with external parties, you will be the point person for all things business development and marketing.


What you’ll need


Here’s how we’re different: The services we provide are performance-based, which means we put our clients first and prioritize their success. We respect each others’ ideas and expertise. We spend a lot of time making bad jokes, we know that teamwork makes the dream work, and most of all, we believe in what we do.

Lovingly offers a workplace that thrives on innovation and celebrates teamwork, so Monday will be your favorite day of the week. If all the above sounds good to you, reach out. We want to hear from you!

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